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About Apparel Sourcing Club

The APPAREL SOURCING CLUB was founded and is managed by 4U Mode GmbH infoAid. For more than two decades we have worked on the subject of apparel production worldwide. Many turns we took, bringing us to almost every part of the world. The markets are yet again changing rapidly with brands, retailers and other buyers of white-label apparel in need of flexible capacities in specific regions. Moreover, the market today requires the highest level of compliance when it comes to environmental and social standards. To create a solid and sustainable offer, the APPAREL SOURCING CLUB was founded in 2022, to provide a long-term and stable platform, serving both, manufacturers and buyers of apparel. Check Our Actions to see what we do!

The APPAREL SOURCING CLUB-DAY is the annual event, physically bringing together apparel manufacturers, brands, retailers, intermediaries and other stakeholders – for a one-day session, to meet under one roof, participating in scheduled meetings. The last edition of the DAY was successfully hosted on 25 May 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany, presenting 52 manufacturers from sourcing destinations located close to Europe (Albania, Bosnia, Egypt, Morocco, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia and others). Check The Event for further information.

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The CLUB hosts both, Sourcers (brands, retailers, other organisations operating in the domain of producing and sourcing textile and apparel products) and Suppliers (manufacturers), providing for a professional platform that is built on expertise by the people running the CLUB. It is a ‘hybrid’ initiative, offering online tools (directory of manufacturers and relevant information) and a physical arena, manifested by the APPAREL SOURCING CLUB-DAY, hosted at least once a year. The CLUB also reaches out to all stakeholders such as other associations, groupings, international donors or media representative wanting to join the effort. The CLUB is a non-profit platform, serving as an incubator for projects that will help the sector to grow sustainably by reducing redundancies by pre-matching offer and demand before a visit or a meeting.

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The APPAREL SOURCING CLUB is brought to you by 4You Mode GmbH InfoAid, a team of highly experienced professionals in the apparel industry with a proven track record of matching offer and demand. With extensive expertise in producing apparel worldwide, we have established a reliable network of manufacturers and support organizations across numerous countries.


  • Time and cost-effective market entry actions not wasting time
  • Be with us throughout the year, not only during the event
  • Hands-on support in all matters related to apparel sourcing
  • Based on trust and confidentiality
  • A one-day happening that will generate the maximum of results
  • Verified and selected apparel manufacturers
  • Sourcing companies select potential suppliers with the help of the Club
  • Approximately 5-10 meetings per manufacturer during the DAY
  • Targeted profiling as a means of an efficient and flexible apparel supply chain
  • A unique network of manufacturers and other key stakeholders worldwide

How to become a member of Apparel Sourcing Club?

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You can register as a Sourcer (seeking manufacturers and related services) or as a manufacturer (seeking buyers for your product. If you are neither as Sourcer nor a Supplier, then register as ‘other’- The CLUB will handle your request.

Interested Sourcers, Suppliers and other organisations and individualy can register throughout the year to benefit from different set of actions. Registered manufacturers can decide at shorter notice if they are interested to present themselves at the DAY. Sourcers are expected to attend the DAY if possible. Others can liaise with the ClUB to see what areas of interest are available.

Registering for the CLUB is free for Sourcers. Manufacturers pay a fee of EUR 400,00 per year, to be offset with the prices of participating in the DAY.

We match apparel suppliers with brands and retailers on a continuous basis. Check our PROJECTS & EVENTS (top menu) for our projects and events, including the DAYS!

Registered Sourcers can browse the online profiles and liaise with the CLUB to verify the match. The CLUB will connect Sourcers with Suppliers if the indications are positive. During the DAY, each visitor and manufacturer receive their Personal Meeting Agenda (PMA) before the event, so everybody knows who they will meet at what time.

Contact us

Apparel Sourcing Club c/o 4U Mode Gmbh / infoAid

Kastanienallee 71 10435 Berlin Germany
T: +49 (0) 30 120 59 14 40


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